What (and Who) Makes a Local Economy Ecosystem Work?


In our 17 years working with local economy leaders across the U.S. and Canada, we have collectively identified patterns in the kinds of relationships crucial to their success. Building healthy, equitable local economies isn’t the work of a single leader or organization: it requires local ecosystems of individuals and institutions to come together, understand their relationships to each other, and choose to collaborate. By co-creating strategies these different stakeholders can align and accelerate the positive impact they seek in their local communities.

This graphic illustrates the many different types of people and organizations required to build an economy that works for all.

In the outer ring, find the roles and sectors that represent WHO comes together to create healthy, equitable local economies.

The inside circle of this graphic illustrates the eight strategies of the Local Economy Framework: these represent HOW these individuals, organizations and sectors take action to build an economy that works for all of life.

We invite you to use this visual in your work, and also invite feedback on how to improve it. Please email amy@bealocalist.org with productive comments, reflections, and examples of how this graphic supports your efforts. We will release ongoing improvements as we continue to learn more about how it supports our shared work.

Download the Graphic (PDF)