Transforming Policy to Build Strong Local Economies


Recorded November 2015

Speakers: Stacy Mitchell, Rebecca Melancon, Eric Griego

Local economy leaders across the country are recognizing that in order to achieve our vision, we will need to rewrite the policies that shape our economy — policies that today often work against local, values-based businesses. Many BALLE fellows and local economy leaders are already taking action, rewriting the rules in their own places to reorient the banking system, implement mission-based procurement policies, advocate smart land-use planning, and more.

Join us for a preview of a new policy platform crafted by the Institute for Local Self Reliance in partnership with Localist leaders and BALLE Fellows. Stacy Mitchell of ILSR, Rebecca Melançon of the Austin Independent Business Alliance and Local First Policy Committee, and Eric Griego, BALLE Fellow and former New Mexico State Senator, will share the new policy platform along with tips for how to use this and other tools to elevate the public conversation in your own place.