Tools & Resources

  1. Types
    1. Advocacy
    2. Business Network / Alliance
    3. Community Capital
    4. Community Economic Development
    5. Consultant
    6. Environmental Sustainability
    7. Food and Agriculture
    8. Funding/ Investment
    9. Hub / Aggregator
    10. Incubator / Accelerator
    11. Local Government
    12. Public Health
    13. Rural Community Development
    14. Technical Assistance
    15. Well-being
    16. Worker Ownership
  2. Themes
    1. Accelerate Collaboration
    2. Act Local First
    3. Co-Create Policy
    4. Cultivate Connection
    5. Prioritize Equity
    6. Regenerate Soil & Nature
    7. Share Ownership
    8. Shift Capital
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    What’s Next? with Peter Buffett features BALLE Fellows


    “What’s Next? with Peter Buffett” invites leaders to share their ideas on changes to come and how we might help create that change. Peter Buffett has partnered with BALLE to highlight some of the leaders driving the shift toward an economy that works for all.

    Campaign: Hate Has No Business Here


    Spearheaded by the Main Street Alliance and representing their member businesses and fellow small business owners throughout the country, this campaign includes a downloadable poster and graphics for businesses to use in their stores.

    Localization: Essential Steps to an Economics of Happiness

    Report | Accelerate Collaboration, Act Local First, Co-Create Policy, Cultivate Connection, Prioritize Equity, Regenerate Soil & Nature

    From trade to finance, from food to climate, from education to energy, the negative impacts of globalization have affected every part of the world’s economies. This report summarizes those impacts, and provides a detailed listing of policy shifts and grassroots initiatives that can move the world towards the local.

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