Tom Bible


New York, NY

Accelerate Collaboration, Cultivate Connection, Shift Capital  |  Funding / Investment

Tom supports the regeneration of local communities by empowering them to find solutions from within.

Tom Bible co-manages the Bondi Foundation, a US-based family foundation that
has been supporting a range of health programs, mainly in Sub Saharan Africa,
through organizations such as Save the Children and Doctors without Borders.
Over the years, realizing the complexity of the Aid industry (i.e. how best to
empower local communities to find solutions from within) in the Global South as
well as the increasing pressure of global issues such as rapidly depleting
resources, climate change and outdated economic models, he became more
interested in how to support more emergent-based and less ‘top-down’ initiatives.

Having recently completed the ‘Economics for Transition’ Masters at Schumacher
College, he is now actively looking for ways in which the foundation might best
support the regeneration of local communities by empowering them to find
solutions from within. He is particularly interested in how a new emerging
system comprised of a network of regenerative urban bio-regions might merge
with the existing dominant financial system from which a more evolved system
might emerge (and how Living Systems Design might inform such an evolution!)

Earlier Tom studied Classics at University of Bristol, UK (1985-88) after which he
worked at KPMG as chartered accountant trainee. He then worked in event
marketing for a few years promoting PGA golf events in Europe and U.S before
deciding to return to study photojournalism – his first love – at the Centre for
Journalism in Cardiff (1994-5). As photojournalist, Tom specializes in producing
human interest stories (text and photos) which he then syndicates into European
and Australasian publications.