Toby Barazzuol

President, Eclipse Awards

Vancouver, BC

Act Local First, Cultivate Connection  |  Business Network / Alliance, Community Economic Development, Well-being

Toby cultivates resilient communities and social change by focusing on recognition, appreciation, and celebrating the human spirit.

Toby was born and raised in the rainforests of Vancouver, BC. An accomplished entrepreneur and self-described “community alchemist”, Toby founded Eclipse Awards in 1998. Eclipse Awards cultivates more resilient and engaged communities by creating beautiful things that help recognize people, bestow confidence, and celebrate the human spirit! Toby believes that the key to the future is teaching people how to create value for their communities in creative and beautiful ways.Toby is also past Chair of the Strathcona BIA, Ambassador of Awesome for The Awesome Awards, father to Cosmo and Elvie, and lover of noodles. How can I help cultivate the social economy, you ask? It’s simple. Start trading in the currencies of trust, generosity, respect, and love.


  • Launched the Awesome Awards to recognize awesome people everywhere, and celebrate the people who make the world a better place for all of us
  • Helped create the Strathcona BIA Resource Park, Canada’s first industrial micro-composting site for local businesses
  • Hosted Sustainability 1.0, Canada’s first small business sustainability expo in 1998, an event that galvanized the Strathcona community around sustainability and provided a collective vision for the neighborhood
  • Subsequently hosted Sustainability 2.0 and 3.0, further building collaboration and sustainability in the Strathcona
  • Helped secure over $300,000 in funding for sustainability and community economic development