The Rogue Initiative for a Vital Economy (THRIVE)

Talent, OR

Act Local First, Regenerate Soil & Nature  |  Business Network / Alliance, Food and Agriculture

THRIVE helps create a more prosperous and sustainable Rogue Valley economy. We are dedicated to:

– Diversifying and deepening the local economy
– Supporting family farmers and other locally owned businesses in becoming more sustainable
– Preserving farm land and the unique character of the Rogue Valley
– Educating businesses and consumers about sustainable food and business practices

Our Buy Local—Buy Rogue campaign is a non-profit business alliance of locally owned, independent businesses committed to building a more socially, environmentally and financially sustainable economy in the Rogue Valley.

Our online local business directory helps you find locally-owned businesses so you can make educated decisions about where you invest your money – whether that’s an account at a locally owned bank or buying a loaf of bread.

Businesses that join the Buy Local—Buy Rogue campaign are interested in learning more about how they can better support their employees, the community and better protect the environment. You can support their purchase of renewable energy, waste reduction and social sustainability by supporting their financial sustainability and buying local first.

Our Rogue Flavor campaign encourages the public to support local agriculture by promoting our local farms and food producers as well as the food retailers that support them.

Thrive’s annual Rogue Flavor local food guide helps you connect with some of the best agricultural and artisan foods in the world. The guide highlights what makes the Rogue Valley unique: the farms and food businesses that create the distinctive local flavor of our community.