The Shift Capital Summit is the one time each year that BALLE Network Leaders and other changemakers at the forefront of building equitable economies can come together to get inspired, recharge, and learn new models that they can take back to their own communities.

This year’s Shift Capital Summit will feature the Solutions Exchange (SOLx). This format, adapted from the Global Village Square model, involves small working groups focused on alternative economic development or funding models that engage the wisdom of our community to advance and scale solutions. The projects will ground the entire Summit in the amazing work that is already happening to shift capital and prioritize equity in our communities.

This is not a “best practice” symposium. Working groups will lift up successes and ongoing challenges as catalysts and anchors for conversation and new learning, in an effort to advance the work of all of us.

For solutions you will discover in November, check out the first round of accepted SOLx projects here!

How to Submit

We are looking for 16-32 projects that align with the central focus of this year’s Summit: economic solutions that address the power dynamics, biases, and culture that perpetuate wealth inequality. Projects should address the 8 Summit themes:

  • Democratize finance and investing
  • Resource entrepreneurs of color
  • Resource women entrepreneurs
  • Prioritize indigenous communities
  • Invest in building rural ecosystems
  • Accelerate cooperative ownership of business and land
  • Incentivize independent business and alternative economic development
  • Regenerate soil and nature

Download more information here. Submit your Solutions Exchange proposal here.