Imagine: local leaders come together, are exposed to proven models to shift financial and social capital into their communities, and go home to adapt what they learn.

Delegations offer the unique opportunity to participate in the BALLE Shift Capital Summit in Pacific Grove, CA, from November 14-16, 2018 as a learning cohort. By bringing together 10 or more practitioners, funders, and ecosystem-builders, delegations foster collaboration and cross-pollination. Our aim is to accelerate work in a particular community or focus area by providing ways to work together towards shared goals.

Together, delegations can connect with economic change leaders in entrepreneurship, philanthropy, investing, and public policy who are all driving solutions for healthy and equitable local economies

Delegations require a sponsoring entity to lower the barrier for community members to participate. They include a minimum of 10 individuals from a specific organization; community; or Summit theme focus area:

  • Democratize finance and investing
  • Resource women entrepreneurs
  • Resource entrepreneurs of color
  • Invest in building rural ecosystems
  • Prioritize indigenous communities
  • Accelerate cooperative ownership of business and land
  • Incentivize independent business and alternative economic development
  • Regenerate soil and nature

Make the most out of your delegation

For each delegation, we recommend a pre-call for your team. We have accounted for time before, after, and throughout the Summit for delegations to work together and strategize for long-term impact.

Download more information about Delegations here or email Leslie Lindo at

Interested in being part of a delegation?

Step 1
Think about the people you’re already working with in your community or with a shared topical focus, who should participate. If you’re already collaborating with someone or would like to be, that’s a good candidate. Dream big! If you’d like to know who from your community already plans to join us, feel free to reach out to and she can share who’s already registered or interested.

Step 2
Identify 1-2 other Delegation Co-Organizers to support outreach to key leaders and confirm their availability to be in Pacific Grove, CA for the Shift Capital Summit November 14-16, 2018.

Step 3
Develop a way to support outreach. Most Delegation Co-Organizers use a simple shared spreadsheet.

Step 4
Gather your first Delegation participants for a call or meeting to consider possible goals for prioritizing at the Shift Capital Summit. Past Delegation leaders had specific project in mind going into the experience, although we encourage themes to emerge from the Summit as well.

Step 5
Ready to consider a budget? Each delegation will have a unique budget based on its unique composition, between funders and practitioners. Consider the costs in our useful guide here. Our team is available to support you in identifying or reaching out to prospective delegation sponsors; email for more details!



“BALLE’s approach in the Foundation Circle was so impactful. When the Summit came about I couldn’t wait to share that with other people. I brought a group in 2016 and an even bigger group in 2017. I know for a fact because of participating at the Summit, and having an intention to collaborate, we have been able to accelerate our work.” 

— Lisa Pinckney, Executive Director, Footprint Foundation, Chattanooga,TN