Leveraging Wealth to Build Resilient, Sustainable Communities

Carol Newell’s influence has helped transform Vancouver’s economy from a resource-extractive environmental problem zone to one of the world’s premier hotbeds of tech innovation, sustainable enterprise, and smart growth.

Themes: Shift Capital

Tremendous wealth and what to do with it is not an issue most of us face. For those who do “the mainstream culture around extra wealth is simply to turn it into more wealth. Throw in the fact that a traditional financial manager’s job is to keep growing a pot of money, and you end up with trillions of dollars deployed with the singular goal of multiplying them.”

“For what?” Carol Newell wonders. Carol, a BALLE Local Economy Investor Circle member, has spent the last 25 years pioneering a completely different paradigm of what money can — and perhaps should — do.

Read more in Conscious Company Magazine about how Carol and Joel Solomon (also a Local Economy Investors Circle participant) are shifting capital with the goal of building progressive, resilient, innovative, and sustainable communities.

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