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Success Stories

Localist Amy Kedron and Why Buffalo Matters

Seeing her hometown in a new light, Kedron [launched] an award-winning nonprofit organization called Buffalo First, which is helping Buffalo redefine its economy and culture. At the same time, she completed two graduate degrees at UB, capping a unique educational journey to explore the “Rust Belt revival. Learn more.


BALLE Fellow Kimber Lanning - Many Paths to Localism

Kimber is a record store owner, local business network founder, economic policy advocate, and all-around community champion, Kimber has poured more energy into re-shaping her local economy in the last decade than most people could dream of doing in a lifetime. Learn more.


Author Maggie Anderson demonstrates the power of Prosperity For All

Maggie Anderson and her family spent a year struggling against the harsh absence of ownership in the black community in order to deeply understand and bring awareness to one of the most substantial economic problems of our era. Learn more.


Zingerman's Community of Businesses

Paul Saginaw and Ari Weinzweig, co-founders of the Zingermans Community of Businesses, are quintessential Localists. When their delicatessen became a huge hit in the city of Ann Arbor they decided to grow deep, instead of wide. Learn more.