Success Stories

BALLE is the place where local gets big. Individually, localists across North America are working hard to transform their communities through local business. But when we all come together – as local leaders, entrepreneurs, funders, policymakers and investors – our ideas are better. Our voice is stronger. Our impact transforms not just our own communities – but how we all think, work and live.

Here you’ll find highlights and impacts from our members and their stories of success. Whether it was a Buy Local campaign, a green collar initiative or other example of Localism in action, these entrepreneurs are responsible for community change thanks to their leadership and action. Way to go!

‘Local First’ Comes of Age

  At BALLE’s first annual business conference in 2002, we coined the phrase ‘Local First’, creating a powerful cultural meme and naming a foundational concept of the emerging... [Read More]

Local Economy Leaders Bare All

  Helping local economy leaders spend less time reinventing the wheel and more time innovating and building on the innovations of others is a critical piece of our work. Among its many successes... [Read More]

BALLE Businesses Join Forces to Make Big Change

  One of BALLE’s core ideas is that we are all stronger when we act together. Local businesses can do great work on their own, but when leaders cooperate with a common vision, they can be... [Read More]

BALLE Matchmakes for Like-Minded Innovative Entrepreneurs

  Eric Henry of TS Designs is one of the BALLE community’s leading lights. After his t-shirt company collapsed in the wake of NAFTA’s hollowing out of the U.S. economy, BALLE’s... [Read More]

The Nation Prepares for a Class Five Storm of Local Investment

  Over the past several years, BALLE’s community of Localists and other new economy leaders have been front-and-center in identifying the need to decrease barriers between local people... [Read More]