Sarah Calhoun

Founder and Executive Director, Red Ants Pants Foundation

White Sulphur Springs, MT

Accelerate Collaboration, Act Local First, Co-Create Policy, Share Ownership, Shift Capital  |  Community Economic Development, Food and Agriculture, Funding / Investment, Rural Community Development

Sarah is a social entrepreneur who fosters strength and self-reliance in women and in rural, agricultural communities through business and culture.

Sarah Calhoun has nearly two decades of leadership experience in both the non-profit and small business sectors, working in the outdoor education industry before founding Red Ants Pants in 2006, and the Red Ants Pants Foundation in 2011. Born in New Brunswick, Canada and raised on a farm in Connecticut, Calhoun was inspired to move to small town Montana by Ivan Doig’s This House of Sky. From her home in White Sulphur Springs, Calhoun has been called a “revolutionary figure in rural business today” and a “powerhouse of inspiration for women in business.” In 2012 she was named the National Women in Business Champion by the SBA. Governor Schweitzer named her the 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year for Montana. Calhoun has been featured in numerous national publications and has been on CNBC, MSNBC, and Bloomberg. She enjoys helping out on local ranches, cutting firewood, live music, and of course the rodeo.