Sandy Wiggins

Senior Advisor, RSF Social Finance

Washington, DC

Sandy Wiggins is Principal of Consilience LLC, a national consultancy with a mission to foster environmentally, socially and economically sustainable communities. His skillful facilitation has helped birth sustainable master plans for municipalities and institutions across the country, as well as sustainable regional public policy initiatives. He has led the development of scores of LEED certified projects, as well as net zero energy buildings, one of the nation’s first Living Building Challenge projects, and a neighborhood development aspiring to meet the Living Community Challenge.

Sandy is also a Sr. Advisor to RSF Social Finance, whose purpose is to transform the way the world works with money.  His work with RSF has principally focused on supporting the growth of community capital systems and place-based mission investing.

Sandy currently serves on the Green Building Advisory Council for the City of Washington, DC.  He is a Past Chair of the U.S. Green Building Council, was Founding Chair of the Green Building Certification Institute, and was Founding Chair of the Philadelphia-based Delaware Valley Green Building Council.

Sandy also serves as BALLE’s Board Chair.