Re>Think Local

Newburgh, NY

Act Local First  |  Business Network / Alliance

Re>Think Local is a nonprofit collaborative of locally owned independent businesses, artists, farmers, and nonprofits working to co-create a better Hudson Valley: vibrant, sustainable, locally rooted and human scale, with equal concern for people, planet, and prosperity.

Through networking events, conferences and educational workshops, and region-wide research, promotion, and conversation, Re>Think Local seeks to:

1) strengthen locally owned independent businesses and help them improve their “triple bottom line” (social and environmental impact, as well as financial profit);

2) raise public awareness about localism and encourage residents and businesses to spend more on local independents; and

3) influence public policy in support of place-based, sustainable economic development, within a new economic paradigm: a global network of cooperatively interlinked local economies, providing prosperity for all.

Re>Think Local is part of a global movement to build a positive alternative to the outdated Wall Street-driven economic system that is failing our communities. It’s called localism, and it’s about much more than shopping local.

Across the world, localists are re-thinking how their local economy works, and collaborating in new and inventive ways to create healthy and sustainable communities, backed by local economies that are strong and resilient.

We believe that socially and environmentally responsible Hudson Valley residents who own a local independent business here have the power to make this vision a reality — by banding together, supporting one another, bringing sustainability into their businesses, and working collectively to drive a transition to a new economic model.

Re>Think Local exists to make this happen.