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Community Food Enterprise

This report chronicles the social, environmental and financial performance of 24 locally owned food enterprises; access specific case studies.

Eight Ways to Use the BALLE Calculators

Review this document to get an introduction to LLE Economic Development and how to put these innovative tools to good use in your community.

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Fixing the Future

This documentary from NOW on PBS with David Brancaccio featured BALLE and BALLE network, Sustainable Connections - watch the full video!

Green Economy Toolkit

This guide addresses incubating green jobs within locally owned businesses and creating local policy change that supports green collar work.

Indie City Index

In the Indie City Index, Civic Economics has created the first detailed study of independent retail vitality nationwide.

Local Works! Examining the Impact of Local Business on the West Michigan Economy

According to this 2008 report, Civic Economics and LFWM found that a 10 percent shift in purchasing to local businesses would generate "1,600 jobs and $53 million in wages.”

Procurement Matters: The Economic Impact of Local Suppliers


This study conducted between Civic Economics and Local First Arizona compares local economic impacts between an Arizona-based Wist Office Products and nationwide Office Max.

Prosperity For All

This video collection features deeply informative, provocative and inspiring 2012 conference presentations about building Prosperity for All.

Santa Fe Independent Business Report

 This 2003 report between Angelou Economics and SFIBCA revealed two times the economic multiplier impact of local firms compared to national chains.


Socially Responsible Investing Retirement Guide

Download this valuable step by step guide on how to get your employer or organization to add Socially Responsible Investments to a retirement plan.

The Economic Impact of Buying Locally: SCF Arizona Case Study

This 2010 study highlights the work of SCF Arizona, an Arizona insurance company which supports 3,573 jobs and $538 million in money circulated within the local Arizona economy.

The Economic Impact of Locally Owned Business vs. Chains: A Case Study of Midcoast Maine

This 2003 case study highlights local businesses findings in Midcoast Maine. Such businesses spent 44.6 percent of revenue in two counties with an additional 9 percent in Maine.


The Economics of Going Local: Oliver’s Market as a Case Study
This study examines the economic impacts of using a “go local” strategy concerning business behavior. This study uses Oliver’s Market as a case study.


The Guide to Going Local

Produced in collaboration with our partners at the Center for the New American Dream, the Guide to Going Local is full of ideas and advice on how to strengthen the local economy in your town: through buying local, highlighting new entrepreneurs, instilling local pride, investing locally, and more

The Promise of Local Clusters

This paper written by Michael Porter argues the need for greater economic investment and policy-making within "local cluster" communities of inner cities.

The San Francisco Retail Diversity Study

This 2007 study between Civic Economics and the SFLOMA assessed that if San Franciscans spent 10 percent of their money at local stores, 1,300 new jobs could be created!

The Secret to Job Growth: Think Small

 This 2010 Harvard Business Review study shows how as community enterprises grow in number and diversity, entrepreneurial spirit proves "self-perpetuating" in such communities.


Thinking Local First

Interested in starting a Local First Campaign in your community? Check out this guide and learn the best way to pinpoint making the case for a Local First program.

Toward Zero Waste: A How-To Manual for Communities

This guide includes an overview of the Toward Zero Waste Initiative in Whatcom County, WA and best practices for implementing your own zero-waste program.

Vermont Job Gap Study: Leaky Bucket: An Analysis of Vermont's Dependence on Imports

This 2000 study from the Vermont Peace & Justice Center states some $16 billion leaves Vermont for many products and services which could have been generated on a local basis.

Zingermans: This is Ownership

Learn about Zingermans and its Community of Businesses, and our Board Member, Paul Saginaw, cofounder of Zingermans in Ann Arbor, MI