As part of our pilot program, every month we share one set of practices and parables for leaders to bring into their Connection Circles. The practices help us develop skills under the four pillars of what builds deep well-being: connection with purpose, community, awe, and compassion. The parables are real stories of businesses defying “business as usual” and are meant to be experienced in a thoughtful, reflective way.

Like grooves in a record, by practicing over and over in community, telling each other the stories of connection that point us toward who we really are and want to be, we know that innovation will emerge from people in the board room, the break room, and the community hall.

We look forward to our journey to #ChooseConnection together.

 month1_rsf-meeting_feature  Month 1: Looking Beyond the Surface
Let’s deeply observe the traits and capacity we see within our colleagues and observe what is truly possible when you encourage transparency and trust in business relationships.
 vancitycc Month 2: Overcoming the Fear of the Other
It’s crucial to practice and tell stories that counteract the tendency for “othering.” Take two minutes today to really learn about others in your circle.


Month 3: Grounding Business in Commitment to Community
It’s hard to muster the care necessary to protect an abstract community. How can you stay in intimate relationship with your community and expand your business?



Month 4: Uncovering Interconnectedness
Whether you are observing the inter-related experience of your senses or uncovering the deeply interconnected relationships in soil and nature, this month we focus on the wonder and wisdom of the whole.



Month 5: Choosing Cooperation Over Competition
One thing we know for sure: we’re all better off when we’re ALL better off. This month, we focus the transformative possibilities that exist when we find common ground and support one another, including our business “competitors”, to make healthier, more sustainable choices.



Month 6: Sharing Love; Sharing Action
The results of taking and encouraging small individual actions as a community rather than waiting for anyone “in charge” to do something can be overwhelmingly powerful. When you love a place and are resolved to take care of it alongside your neighbors, much is possible.



Month 7: Whose Shoulders Do You Stand On?

Understanding our own histories – and the histories that have created and informed the environments we work in and the problems we’re solving around – is crucial to creating solutions for the future.



Month 8: Leveraging Your Strengths

What if we each offered what we had, in the ways that we could? This month we invite participants to consider the unique ways – small or large – that they might impact their communities. We also learn about three leaders who used their professional roles or businesses to do exactly that.