Passionate individuals across North America are working to scale up a localized, sustainable economy.

A critical aspect to making this shift is to redesign the way we organize investments into our local businesses.  The aim of these workshops is to align place-based funders and community investors who want to invest in community-based businesses where they live.

These 2-day trainings will focus on capacity building through community action and sharing the best resources available across the local economy movement and the impact investing community.  Learn how to shift capital from dominant investment models to place-based models that invest in locally owned businesses and the networks that support their success.


Graphic artist Aftab Erfan recording a visual representation of a the conversation at a BALLE place-based impact investing summit in Asheville, NC.

In order to achieve these goals at significant scale, we cover the following topics that frame the opportunity and need for more local capital flows:

  • the near and longer-term transition from Wall Street
  • the role of local financial intermediaries in communities
  • the enterprise capital gaps in your community
  • the pipeline of investable opportunities
  • capital absorption capacity
  • democratic investment decision-making
  • the risk and reward continuum
  • maximizing the impact of capital
  • financial returns
  • your impact on the enterprise and the community economic ecosystem

This workshop is designed for community capital entities such as community foundations, community banks, CDFIs; anchor institutions with large investment portfolios such as universities and healthcare providers; and individual investors and philanthropists.  Presenters include Andrea Armeni, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Transform Finance, and Jeff Rosen, CFO of Solidago Foundation.  Each workshop is hosted by a local community development organization.

Interested in hosting a place-based impact investing workshop in your community? Contact Leslie Lindo at