Success Stories

When investors, funders and philanthropists come together, we’re able to leverage the power of locally owned business to create more prosperity for more people. With the old economy out, the new economy unfolding before our eyes, and the financial landscape changing daily, entrepreneurs need tools and resources to understand the “new normal,” funders need access to ideas that need resourcing, and we all benefit from an influx of capital and cash to our local communities.

At BALLE we’ve helped to identify the proof points about business models that are creating more healthy, wealthy and sustainable communities, and we’re connecting pioneering local economy funders to the best and brightest local leaders.

Here you’ll find highlights and impacts from our members when it comes to driving much needed investment to Localism.

Driving Investment to Localism

The New Normal: Given the orientation of “traditional” economic theory, the BALLE community has undertaken a sustained research project to quantitatively demonstrate what most people... [Read More]

BALLE as New Economy Cupid

  While the current economic playing field remains tilted to support businesses that damage the environment, and disregard the common good, BALLE is hard at work rewiring the system to give... [Read More]

Investment in Localism Approaches a Tipping Point

  All signs indicate that over the next ten years there will be a great rise in local banks, credit unions, investment clubs, local governments and other organizations working together to invest... [Read More]

The LION Roars

  Every month, dozens of communities across North America host meet-ups to listen to the ‘Accelerating Community Capital’ BALLE Live webinar series. They listen, discuss and plan how... [Read More]