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Nikki Silvestri


Green For All

Oakland, California

Real prosperity means being rich in spirit, in community, and in shareable material resources.


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Nikki Silvestri is the Executive Director of Green for All in Oakland, CA. Over the last ten years, Nikki has worked as an advocate for environmental and social equity for underrepresented populations in food systems, social services, public health, and economic development.


  • Developed a successful case study at Highland Hospital called "Bite to Balance," in which 15 families with children at risk of diet-related disease received free weekly produce bags and monthly nutrition education.
  • Launched an eldership development program in which residents can launch and receive assistance with their own food projects and enterprises.
  • Led innovative urban agriculture projects that have been hubs of community celebration for a decade.


  • ELLE Gold Awardee
  • People's Grocery Black Urban Farmer and Gardener Award