National Buy Local Week 2011

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BALLE's National Buy Local Week 2011
November 25 - December 4

Celebrate BALLE's Buy Local Week with many of our 80+ local business networks across the US and Canada. Buy National Buy Local WeekLocal Week is an opportunity for locally owned businesses to work together to increase the local economic impact of holiday spending, create more jobs, more tax revenue and a more stable local economy.  Buy Local Week leverages traditional media, online marketing, public events, local news and radio and other local partnerships to raise awareness of the role of local business on our economy.

Locally owned businesses spend substantially more money locally and typically generate two to four times the economic multiplier benefit for their communities as do nonlocal businesses. As holiday season spending represents the largest chunk of revenue for retailers in a single year, a shift of just 10% of holiday spending toward locally owned businesses has the potential to create an impact of billions in economic activity in just two months.

Because Buy Local Week coincides with the busiest holiday shopping of the year, it is a perfect time to support independent, locally owned businesses in your community! Find organizing resources to download, links to information on Local First Campaigns and the Shift Your Shopping initiative, and find out what some BALLE network members have planned for the week.