Mauri Ingram

President & CEO, Whatcom Community Foundation

Bellingham, WA

Shift Capital  |  Funding / Investment

Whatcom Community Foundation is working to catalyze the development of a high-rise mixed-use building.

Mauri’s first encounter with Whatcom Community Foundation was as a grantee. She was the founding executive director of what is now the Downtown Bellingham Partnership. Several years later, she was asked to serve on the Foundation’s board of directors where she served for three and a half years. In 2007, she became President and CEO. Her work experience prior to WCF includes working for two different nonprofit organizations based in Washington D.C. and operating two restaurants with her husband Lee. She has volunteered her time supporting many different community organizations including Sustainable Connections, Northwest Economic Council, and the YWCA. Mauri currently serves on the board for Philanthropy Northwest and the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Among Mauri’s favorite things in life are being alone on a run or long walk with her camera or just being with her family and enjoying our community.



Whatcom Community Foundation‘s mission is to enhance philanthropy to strengthen Whatcom County by linking people who care with causes that matter.

Whether responding to long-term challenges, providing support in a moment of crisis or helping to realize new community dreams and projects, the Whatcom Community Foundation believes there is strength, and greater impact, in numbers. They work hard to cultivate relationships with other funders, and create opportunities for their donors to collectively meet critical community needs.

The Foundation invests assets in a diverse portfolio intended to produce asset growth, security of principal, and income for grant making. With the help of several community members working with the Board of Directors, the Foundation distributes grants based on community needs, opportunities and, in the case of donor-advised and designated funds, donor goals.

Thanks to a growing pool of unrestricted endowed funds, the WCF is able to make a variety of grants from the endowment’s income to improve Whatcom County’s quality of life through literacy programs, health, environmental education, service learning projects, youth and family services, community arts programs and much more.