Making the Case For Localism: Prospera

Over the past several months BALLE has been collecting stories of great entrepreneurs with place-based supply chains, business models based on collaboration, and a commitment to opportunity and environmental innovation. We have compiled these features as a series of Localist Case Studies.

These entrepreneur case studies demonstrate Localist principles in action and achieving their greatest potential.

BALLE’s Case Studies of Successful Localist Businesses series’ 7th installment features Prospera, a nonprofit in Oakland, CA.

Prospera (formerly WAGES, Women’s Action to Gain Economic Security), is a nonprofit organization that has built a network of five worker-owned cleaning cooperatives that specialize in using environmentally friendly cleaning techniques, thereby protecting the health of its clients and its workers.

Prospera models the BALLE principle of “Opportunity Matters,” by giving low-income Latina women, many recent immigrants, the ability to double or triple their income while gaining more control over their workplace and their future.

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