Mai Nguyen

Farmer, Sonoma Grain Collaborative

Petaluma, CA

Accelerate Collaboration, Act Local First, Co-Create Policy, Cultivate Connection, Prioritize Equity, Regenerate Soil & Nature, Share Ownership, Shift Capital  |  Advocacy, Business Network / Alliance, Consultant, Environmental Sustainability, Food and Agriculture, Public Health, Rural Community Development, Technical Assistance, Worker Ownership

Mai is a California-based heritage grain farmer, skilled community organizer, and cooperative developer who uses their skills to help grow powerful coalitions for more equitable, inclusive, and regenerative agricultural systems.

Mai Nguyen is a farmer in the Sonoma Grain Collaborative based in Petaluma, CA. They are also the California Organizer at the National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC). Prior to being a farmer and farmer organizer, Nguyen worked in disaster relief, waste management, refugee resettlement, and co-op development. They specialized in agricultural and worker cooperatives, drawing from their own experience as a co-founder of a co-op restaurant. Previously, Nguyen was an atmospheric physicist in California and Alaska.

Nguyen’s hobbies include scheming up parties and community events, experimenting with food, designing edible landscapes, and finding more hobbies. They are active in the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives (board), CooperationWorks! (policy committee), Asian American Farmers Alliance (founder), California Grain Campaign (co-founder), and National Young Farmers Coalition (2017 fellow). Nguyen attained their undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley and master’s degree from the University of Toronto. They were born in and currently reside in San Diego, CA.