Lucas Stewart

Founder & Owner, Manitoba Green Retrofit

Winnipeg, MB

Prioritize Equity, Regenerate Soil & Nature  |  Community Economic Development, Environmental Sustainability, Rural Community Development

Lucas supports Manitobans who struggle finding jobs – especially people of Aboriginal descent and women in trades – through workforce development, social enterprise support, and investing in infrastructure for community development projects.

Lucas was one of the founders, and is the current general manager, of Manitoba Green Retrofit (MGR) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Previously Lucas was a project manager at BUILD, a social enterprise that delivers training in insulation techniques to low-income workers. Over the past eight years, Lucas has helped to launch a new social enterprise every two years and added a new division to MGR every 18 months. In addition Lucas has contributed to the boards of other organizations such as LITE. He currently holds a board position with Community Ownership Solutions. With formal training in project management and conflict resolution Lucas has been able to translate this into the business world of delivering marketable services and sustainable solutions.


  • Created 28 sustainable jobs, with an annual payroll of over $1 million
  • Successfully employ 80% target demographic consistent with poverty reduction strategy
  • Play a lead role in social enterprise development as a sector in Winnipeg