The Localist Community


BALLE is a unique learning community comprised of the most innovative local economy leaders across North America working together to reshape the economy. BALLE members envision a new economy that is both resilient and inclusive, one that values local opportunity and ownership, the natural world, and above all else, one where relationships matter most.     

We know that by connecting leaders, spreading innovations, and and sharing local stories with new local economy funders and a national audience, we will become a united force for change.  We truly are better together. 

Become part of this unique group of leaders who are transforming the economy from the ground up.  Join the BALLE learning community today!

Access the Community

BALLE members see the value in shared learning, and want to connect with others, like them, who are energized and motivated to create better communities, both locally and nationally. 

And they join BALLE to find their peers.  This unique learning community supports and connects the local economy leaders who see a different future; those who want to broaden their knowledge and to collaborate with – and learn from – their Localist allies from across North America. 



Join the Movement!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an investor, a philanthropist or a conscious consumer, you play an essential part in realizing this bold vision for the prosperity of our cities and neighborhoods. The demand for your work has never been greater. So let's create a better economy together!

As a Localist member, you recognize the powerful ripple effect that local business ownership creates on Main Street. Because you know that we can only sustain the essence of our diverse communities by rebuilding our economy around the values that define them.  Support us because you believe that opportunity for all matters — that we need to move away from “every man for himself” to a deeper understanding that real prosperity and security come from helping each other.  Invest in BALLE because you know that commitments to social and economic justice are an expression of our interdependence and care for one another. Join at $100/yr.


Sponsorship Opportunities

If your primary goal is to reach potential clients or customers in our Localist community for your product or service, please consider our sponsorship opportunities.

Want to stay in touch with BALLE? Learn about innovative models and resources, emerging trends, and pioneering thought-leaders in the local economy movement – including the BALLE Local Economy Fellows – by attending the 2014 BALLE Conference, by subscribing to the monthly BALLE Buzz newsletter, and by following us on social media.