Local First Webinar Series

 Local First Webinar Series

Driving demand for Localism

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This series features innovative strategies at the business and network levels that effectively make the case for local and result in more buying and thinking Local First. We know driving demand for local products and service is a critical piece of building the Localist movement and taking Main Street mainstream. Locally produced goods and locally owned businesses have received a surge in support and awareness over the last several years thanks to many of the “Think Local First” campaigns around North America. We continue to support this movement through showcasing effective models, campaigns, policies and programs that expand ownership and shift purchasing towards locals first.

Host a Webinar Viewing Party

  • Gather with others from your area to participate in a "viewing party" for each webinar. Groups can attend using just one member's registration.
  • Ask the presenters the questions you need to create a Local First movement in your area.
  • Hold a discussion group afterward to investigate how your community can apply what you learn.

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Current Mini Series on Local Procurement

In case you haven’t noticed, BALLE is big on local procurement. Buy Local campaigns and consumer education are still essential tools in the Localist workbench, but bringing the Localist movement to scale requires setting our sights on some of the biggest consumers out there: governments,  large corporations, and anchor institutions. These entities represent an enormous sector of the economy, and tapping into this demand could represent millions, or even billions, of dollars of income for local businesses in your community.

Now that we've covered various models for localizing procurement across sectors and with many kinds of institutions, we’ll go deep on food procurement. Localizing food systems is common work for Localists, and it's also an area of local procurement with more history and greater traction than other forms of local purchasing.

Through our next three webinars, we'll explore how to get local and regional foods into wholesale and retail markets, and a range of institutions including universities, hospitals, K-12 schools, and other large businesses and anchor institutions.

Did you miss our first webinars on procurement from November through March? Purchase the recordings today.

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