Shift Capital

Local business owners and community entrepreneurs struggle to access the funds they need to launch or expand their businesses. At the same time, most of our financial investments go to unfamiliar, opaque investments in far away places and have impacts from which we are disconnected. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can divest from Wall Street and invest in community businesses and social enterprise. The following resources explain how.


Additional Resources

  • Watch Kelly Ryan of Incourage Foundation (also a member of the Community Foundation Circle by BALLE and RSF Social Finance) describe how her Community Foundation is becoming a dynamic hub of investing and lending for her community.
  • Vested allows you to invest in causes and places you care about, starting at $20, and Transform Finance has a community-centered approaches to impact investing.
  • Invest with Values is a free educational resource that connects the dots between related investment areas including local banking, community investing, impact investing, and socially responsible investing. Its curated directory of over 300 organizations and resources share the common thread of using money and investing to create positive change and they host an online discussion forum devoted to aligning money and values.
  • BALLE’s Local Economy Fellows are blazing a trail when it comes to community capital. Here’s a sampling of some their projects:
    • A project of Mile High Business Alliance, Neighborhood Catalyst brings together the resources, people and funding to launch projects throughout Colorado.
    • After years of primarily looking to large corporations and the global marketplace to fuel growth, AdvantageWest, the Carolinas region’s biggest economic-development organization, is now focusing on growing businesses closer to home.
    • Farmer Reserve Fund, a project of Viva Farms and its local partners, gives microloans small and beginning farmers based on relationships, not credit history.
    • These BALLE partners are at the forefront of building community capital: RSF Social Finance, the Capital InstituteSlow Money, and Cutting Edge Capital.