Let’s Build Love Privilege

What if we invest our time constructing “love privilege” rather than deconstructing other privilege?

At the 2017 BALLE Summit, Fellow and Board member Alfa Demmellash offered up thoughts, in conversation with local economy thought leader David Korten and journalist Laura Flanders, about the possible future we might build together.

We spend so much time breaking down white privilege, and class privilege, and other forms of privilege. That takes a certain kind of energy. I’ve found myself wondering: what if we spent all that energy on constructing ‘love privilege’?

Here’s what we know: love is an abundant, infinitely renewable resource. It is powerful. We all want it. When we get it — when our parents let us know we are unconditionally loved, and supported — we thrive.

What if we constructed our notions around power and privilege — what it means to be “wealthy” and have worth — around love? How much love we give, and embody?

What if we build love privilege into our children, and our society, and our systems? What if we incentivized our culture to prioritize acts of love?

And what if we had the infinite courage to try this every day, to believe that we can manifest love in every action?

What if?

You can watch Alfa’s conversation with David and Laura here.