Leslie Lindo

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Oakland, CA

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

A senior leader driving business development and field building programs that catalyze collective leadership to create a system of influence. 

Activism came early in Leslie’s formative years — taking on environmental issues in elementary school and human rights issues in high school. Often an early adopter, she was the first Certified Sustainable Building Advisor in Arizona and owned the first mass-produced electric car. It is fitting that her top strengths include connectedness, activator, self-assurance and futuristic.

Leslie’s strategic mind manifests as a producer, puzzler, and program designer. She’s most activated arranging distinct pieces to create new products, and seeing the big picture from sparks of ideas. She first tested this as a life skill with a degree in recording engineering and then managing a rock band. This led to two decades of learning a craft and then starting her own venture — from event planning to real estate to sustainable design and development. She found her sweet spot when she started an incubator and accelerator program to activate vacant spaces with community-determined development projects and businesses, where she had the opportunity to explore innovative investment structures with prospective funders.

Joining BALLE in 2014 was a homecoming for Leslie — returning to the community where her mother was raised and where she finds family in her skin, carrying the torch of her father’s life work, building on the passion she found with her last venture, and taking on mission-driven work. She finds purpose in resourcing BALLE’s network by forming strategic partnerships and producing programs that advance work directly in communities.