Kristin Hull

Director, Nia Community Fund

Oakland, CA

Shift Capital  |  Funding / Investment

Kristin is a conscious investor who helped move a foundation’s assets to 100% mission-aligned.

In 2012, Kristin launched the Nia Community Foundation, focused on grants and
investments in Oakland that work towards social equity as well as environmental
sustainability. Again from Barron’s “… her foundation has made 15 investments
in companies that are based in Oakland or work there. Among them: People’s
Community Market, a grocery store in a low-income neighborhood in west
Oakland, where residents don’t have access to healthful food; Solar Mosaic, a
crowdfunding platform that allows people to come together and invest as little as
$25 to finance solar-energy projects for nonprofits; HUB Oakland, led largely by
women of color, which will foster social enterprise in Oakland; and the Awaken
Café, an espresso, beer, and wine bar.”