Koy Hardy

Fellowship Manager

Oakland, CA

Fellowship Manager

Supports BALLE Local Economy Fellowship program and recruitment of future cohorts through communications, relationship management, logistics, scheduling, and research.

Koy is greatly fulfilled by helping individuals to feel seen and heard. That has been her beginning point over time as she has connected people to information, resources and opportunities within varying capacities and work models, including contract copy-writing for Oakland-based small businesses, aiding and counseling clients as a branch banker, and serving on the board of Young Women Social Entrepreneurs-San Francisco, where she served as editor of their monthly newsletter and co-designed and planned personal and professional development events.

The daughter and granddaughter of small business owners, Koy is intimately familiar with some of the triumphs and challenges that small business owners experience — and the legacy that their work creates for their family and community. This is part of what gave her deep resonance with BALLE when she was introduced to the organization and happily joined the team in 2013. Since then, she has been a key contributor to the BALLE Fellowship program’s growth and evolution. Koy earned her B.A. in Law and Society from the University of California, Santa Barbara and is a life-long learner — embracing Buddha’s wisdom that “being is always becoming”.