Kalen Taylor

Co-Founder, Director of Development, Aki Energy Inc.

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Act Local First, Prioritize Equity, Regenerate Soil & Nature  |  Advocacy, Community Economic Development, Environmental Sustainability, Funding / Investment, Rural Community Development, Technical Assistance

Kalen works with Canada’s First Nations to start green businesses in their communities, creating local jobs and growing strong local economies.

Kalen Taylor is co-founder and Director of Development of Aki Energy Inc., a non-profit Aboriginal social enterprise in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Prior to Kalen’s work with Aki Energy, she worked with Green Communities Canada managing an energy poverty initiative, work that lead them to co-founding Aki Energy. Kalen is currently involved in developing an Indigenous Social Entrepreneurship diploma program and social enterprise business incubator at Red River College. She sits on the Board of Directors for Peg City Car Co-op, where they build viable, low cost alternatives to traditional car ownership. Aki Energy is the Winner of the 2016 Start-Up Canada Social Enterprise Award, as well as the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Award. Kalen is a mother, a partner and an avid cook and amateur mixologist. She has a LEAN Green Belt, a Masters in Project Management and an B.A in International Development. She’s fixing up an old house and learning a lot while doing it. Kalen was born in Toronto, Ontario and currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.