July 2013 Community Capital Webinar Recording

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► July 9, 2013 | 10:00am PT     

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Lessons Learned: Capital, Coaching, and Connection with Claudia Viek, CEO, California Association for Micro Enterprise Opportunity (CAMEO)

We’ll explore how no matter the capital strategy we employ, it must be accompanied with entrepreneurship support and technical assistance that can get entrepreneurs ready for an infusion of capital, and help them succeed once they have it.

Featured Speaker:

Claudia ViekClaudia Viek has been CEO of CAMEO since 2007. She has been a pioneer in both the Micro Enterprise and business incubation fields in California. She is the former Executive Director (14 years) of the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center. Renaissance is an award winning training, financing and business incubation program in San Francisco. Claudia represents the State Micro-Business Associations on the AEO board. Claudia served on the Board of the National Business Incubation Association and founded the Pacific Incubation Network of business incubators from Baja to Alaska. Claudia is the past President of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of NAWBO and continues to serve on numerous nonprofit boards in her community.