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BALLE is a network of leaders working together to create healthy, equitable local economies. We represent thousands of communities and conveners, entrepreneurs, investors and funders who are defying “business as usual,” building the relationships needed for a new economy that works for all. Stand with us, host a Connection Circle, attend an event, or consider other ways to activate localism in your community.

Stand With Us.

I stand for an economy that works for all of us – and I refuse to accept that “business as usual” is the best we can do. I believe my work and the way I engage in my community can be a reflection of who I am, what I love, and how I want to be in the world”

Why Local Matters

of U.S. payroll

Local businesses pay 44% of all payroll in the United States.

  • Chart
  • Chart32%

For every $100 spent at a local business approximately $67 stays in the community. When you shop at a big box store, just $32 out of $100 stays in the community.

of U.S. GDP

More than half of United States GDP is generated by independent businesses.

Share Your Story

We know that sharing our stories is a powerful tool to create the change we want to see in the world — should we be sharing yours?  Please tell us how you and others in your community are acting local and working to build healthy local economies.

Share your STORY!


Success Stories

Some of the most powerful tools to create healthy, equitable local economies come from the stories of people doing the work. Learn how to act local first from others who are coming together to build stronger communities.