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Jessie Radies

Live Local

As the founder of Live Local Alberta, Jessie has a vision for Alberta as a diverse, vibrant and sustainable region. Live Local Alberta is dedicated to educating consumers on the benefit of shopping, eating and living locally and to giving small business owners strength in numbers.

Growing up on a farm has instilled in Jessie a fierce passion for community. Jessie believes strong, sustainable communities are the direct result of citizen participation and has worked to educate our citizens on the importance of the local economy, its relation to their community, and the power they hold to change it. Jessie believes we should consider their role as citizens a priority, andparticipate in the democratic process. This small shift from ‘consumers’ to ‘citizens’ would radically affect the regions economic outlook and sustainability.

At Live Local we are passionate about building communities and a localeconomy that increases the quality of life for our citizens, createsopportunity, reduces poverty, increases the size of the middle class,and ensures long term prosperity for our region.


  • Developed a social enterprise that works with the community to help find ways to shift spending to local business.
  • Increased access to local food by over $800,000 during the pilot non-profit food distribution
  • center.
  • Implemented of a work local program to allow local businesses to access cost-effective health and employee benefit programs while creating tools to make recruitment and retention easier for local businesses. 
  • Created a collaborative loyalty and gift card program for local restaurants and retailers.


  • Woman of Vision - Global Edmonton, 2008