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Community Capital Webinar

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January 8, 2013 | 10:00am PT

Entrepreneur Showcases: Pitching Business Plans to Drive Local Investment with Slow Money Northern California

Interested in exploring the newest innovations in community capital? With so many emerging models we are your resource for proven, impactful and replicable ideas that will work where you are. Regardless of industry (food, retail, banking) we will continue bringing you our Community Capital boot camp each month.

For January: If you haven’t head of an Entrepreneur Showcase, you’re not alone. But you are missing out on a great tactic for engagement and fundraising. Also called an "pitchfest," these showcases are a new way of driving local investment and business support in an informal, fun setting by bringing together enterprises seeking funding with community members who might provide investments. Catch the pitchfest fever and learn how to showcase your own local business entrepreneurs to help them find investors and supporters of all shapes and sizes. Slow Money Northern California will be offering their examples and an easy to replicate how-to case study of some of their most successful recent entrepreneur showcases.

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