Jane Bisbee

Executive Director, Social Enterprise Fund

Edmonton, AB

Cultivate Connection, Shift Capital  |  Funding / Investment

The Social Enterprise Fund invests in launching and expanding social enterprises in Edmonton.

Jane is the Executive Director of the Social Enterprise Fund, one of Canada’s most active impact investors. A journalist by trade, with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Carleton University, Jane has experience in the Canadian book and magazine publishing industries, newspaper and radio reporting and documentary film. A special focus of her career is the creation of non-traditional funding mechanisms for small business, in particular the cultural industries, through work with the Association of Canadian Publishers, the Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association, and the Province of Alberta. As a freelance intellectual property developer she partnered with clients including the National Film Board of Canada, the Ontario Media Development Corporation, the Canada Media Fund, the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the Independent Production Fund. She is past president of the Edmonton International Film Festival and has served on many boards including the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, the Canada Give the Gift of Literacy Foundation and the Alberta Foundation for the Literary Arts. She was presented with a lifetime achievement award in 2006 by Alberta’s film industry. When she has spare time, Jane is a bookbinder and paper maker, a spinner and weaver and historic re-enactor.



The Social Enterprise Fund (SEF) is a loan fund that lends money to social enterprises in Edmonton that want to make things better in the community, and in the world.

SEF was established in 2008 through a unique collaboration between the Edmonton Community Foundation and the City of Edmonton. Other contributors to the fund have included the United Way, the Alberta Real Estate Foundation and several private contributors.

Social enterprises, like any small businesses, require access to capital in order to grow. Given their sometimes unusual structure or business sphere, they can have challenges finding the financing they need to grow through traditional sources. SEF acts as a patient lender working with these enterprises to meet their financing needs, whether through a big loan or small. Loans are repayable with interest – and in this way, the funds can go on to assist other social entrepreneurs.

SEF also plays a role in the larger community interested in the concept of social enterprise. We work with partners across the province and the country to expand the practical understanding of how social enterprise works ‘on the ground’, as well as contributing to the training opportunities available to social entrepreneurs.