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Local Economy Leaders

BALLE supports a unique community of Localists who are challenging the status quo and leading the way to a new economy that works for all. From our newest cohort of Local Economy Fellows to the champions who have been inspiring us for years, discover how these leaders are transforming their local economies from the ground up.

BALLE Local Economy Fellows

These leaders catalyze, connect, and strengthen community entrepreneurs and build the local ecosystem that supports their success.

Local Economy Investors Circle

These integrated capital investors are exploring how to use grants, loans, investments and community building to create healthy, equitable local economies.

Community Foundation Circle

These foundation leaders are pioneering place-based mission investing to complement their community giving and community missions.


Systems change requires collaborations on many fronts. BALLE works in partnership with a number of organizations and funders who are integral in helping us advance localism and create healthy and equitable local economies all across North America. These partner organizations also offer support and resources that may be able to support the programs and enterprises you are building in your community.

Success Stories

Discover how to act local first from others who are coming together to build stronger communities?