Economics of Happiness Conference

October 12-14, 2017 | Santa Fe, NM

The Economics of Happiness Conference will explore and explain how we humans can shift direction – environmentally, economically, and spiritually – from a globalized system of exploitation, inequality, and environmental degradation toward local cultures and economies that support renewal, resilience, and human and planetary well-being. The Conference, while identifying the systemic root causes of our interconnected crises, will focus primarily on identifying key strategic shifts and cultivating collaboration toward economic localization.

The Conference will include lectures and panel discussions as well as music, art, and ceremony. Conference attendees – expected to number as many as 450, including activists, educators, students, public policy makers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders – can expect ample opportunity for interaction with one another and with faculty during the three-day program. By the end of the Conference, program sponsors expect to witness increasing collaboration in the Northern New Mexico community toward the development of compelling and constructive support for grassroots localization strategies through hands-on action and policy initiatives.

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