Capital Shifts for a Regenerative Economy – SOCAP 365

March 2, 2017 | Berkeley, CA

Inevitable shifts in capital are well on their way. From millennial wealth transfer, increased capital controlled by women, and shifting demographics of racial and geographic makeup across the globe, a new distribution of money is coming.

How might we intentionally respond to these shifts and finally build a regenerative economic system that works for all? How can a holistic approach to our physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being be addressed through a “clean money revolution”?

Join SOCAP 365 and presenters Joel Solomon (Renewal Fund; BALLE Investor Circle), Kristin Hull (Nia Global Solutions; BALLE Investor Circle), and Akaya Winwood (Rockwood Leadership Institute) for an evening discussing responsibility and opportunity for next generations and future leaders in responding to this new landscape. Event includes a brief panel followed by interactive Q&A and time for networking.

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