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When Localists come together, magic happens.

BALLE partners with leaders at events all across North America, harnessing the power of connection and collective action to advance our movement for economic change. By working together in your community, we aim to accelerate the spread of the numerous strategies and successes our movement is generating, and also learn first-hand how we can better serve you in your community. We will be there, will you?

Join us! Explore our upcoming events below, check out our map of local economy leaders and organizations that can support you in your work, and learn more about Localism strategies that are building healthy local economies all across North America. Looking for more? You can also find information about past events and our annual BALLE Conference here.


  1. Play BIG

    February 26- March 1, 2017  |  Sausalito, CA

    Play BIG supports you in the activation of your wealth—through philanthropy, investment and everything in between—to advance your mission in alignment with your values, your vision, and who you are as a human being.

  2. Local Sustainable Economies Conference

    June 7-6, 2017  |  Boston, MA

    Local Sustainable Economies Conference participants will build strong connections with other small and local business leaders and advocates. Together we can amplify our impacts in building a vibrant local economy.