Elandria Williams

New Market, TN

Accelerate Collaboration, Share Ownership  |  Advocacy, Community Economic Development, Rural Community Development, Worker Ownership

Elandria drives cooperative development and leverages the convening power of her organization to manifest transformative ideas and leadership around education, youth, and the economy.

Elandria previously worked as co-coordinator of the Education Team at the Highlander Research and Education Center and was on the Organizational Leadership Team. She helped coordinate the Appalachian Transition Fellowship Program and the Southern Grassroots Economies Project. She does other work around economics including helping create an Economics and Governance Curriculum and is a lifelong youth organizer/adult ally. She was born and raised in Powell, TN, but her roots and family are in Florida and the Gulf Coast. She is on boards or in leadership with Democracy at Work Institute, Appalachian Studies Association, Black Lives Matter Knoxville, the Solidarity Economy Network, and Pedagogy of the Theater of the Oppressed. She’s the lead coordinator for the Southern Grassroots Economies project, and co-editor of the upcoming book, Beautiful Solutions.