Across North America, tens of thousands of individuals like you are joining BALLE and building a values-aligned economy, one community at a time. Together, we're creating a global network of interconnected local economies that work in harmony with nature and support a healthy and joyful life for all. And we invite you to join us.

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Investing in our work is simple: donate securely online using the form below. Enter the amount you wish to donate and then fill in your contact and billing information. All required fields are marked with an asterisk(*). You will have the chance to review your donation details on the next page.

Prefer to contribute by check? Please make checks payable to “BALLE” and mail to:

Attn. Katheryn Witt
2323 Broadway
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Prefer to donate by phone? Call our offices at 510-587-9417 x113. We're happy to help!

BALLE is a 501c3 non-profit organization and all contributions are tax-deductible, less the value of any goods or services exchanged.
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