Creating Quality Jobs to Fight Income Inequality

by Opportunity Finance Network

Income inequality has emerged as one of the top economic development issues in the United States since the Great Recession. CDFIs that support job creation can help bridge this income gap by working with businesses to create “quality jobs”—or those that offer fair wages, good benefits, meaningful advancement, and wealth-building opportunities.

Today, there are just a few CDFI small business lenders focused on this critical issue. Opportunity Finance Network interviewed five of them (including BALLE Fellow organization ICA Fund Good Jobs), along with five borrowers, to gain an understanding of the practical approaches and tools they use to promote quality job creation.

This report shares their learnings, provides examples of tools used by these leading CDFIs, and provides recommendations for expanding this work. The paper also outlines six recommendations to help advance the breadth and impact of quality job promotion efforts in the CDFI industry.

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