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Localist financing, lending and investing

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A growing number of investors and lenders are considering local options. With a new generation of local financial institutions and supportive public policies, literally trillions of dollars could move from Wall Street to Main Street, creating millions of new jobs and helping to build vibrant local economies.

What are the most promising new models to connect local businesses with local lenders, investors, and donors to speed and scale impact of these businesses? How can you earn “a living rate of return” while supporting your favorite businesses that support local food, renewable energy, and independent retailers?

Learn about pioneering efforts around the country with respect to crowd-funding, community supported enterprises, triple bottom line banking and credit unions, slow-money investing, cooperatives, local investment clubs, direct public offerings and more. Featuring tested models and geared toward what you can do in your community now, join us for monthly how-to webinars and an affinity group for members so you can continue the conversation in between.

Our advisory committee helps us shape our Community Capital series, including our pre-conference workshop, main conference content, and our year-long webinar series. Many thanks to:

  • Jason Friedman, Principal at Friedman Associates
  • Esther Park, Founder and President of Commons Stock
  • Andy Broderick, Vice President of Community Investment at Vancity
  • Don Shaffer, CEO at RSF Social Finance
  • Michael Shuman, BALLE Fellow, Fellow at Cutting Edge Capital, and Author, Local Dollars, Local Sense
  • Joel Solomon, President of Renewal Partners and Chairman of Renewal2 Investment Fund
  • Elizabeth U, Executive Director at Finance for Food and Author, Raising Dough


Host a Webinar Viewing Party

  • Gather with others from your area to participate in a "viewing party" for each webinar. Groups can attend using just one member's registration.
  • Ask the presenters the questions you need to create Prosperity For All in your area.
  • Hold a discussion group afterward to investigate how your community can apply what you learn.

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