Community Capital Webinar Archive

These webinar recordings are available for purchase for $10 per recording -- see our archives purchase page to order. Discounts apply for BALLE Leader and Champion members.

Here is a list of our past Community Capital webinars:


Special thanks to our 2011 series cohosts, RSF Social Finance and Slow Money
and to our series partners, Investors Circle, AEO and Portfolio 21

February: Introduction to Community Capital Strategies and Solutions
Speakers: Michael Shuman, BALLE Research & Economic Development Director and Don Shaffer, President & CEO of RSF Social Finance.

March: Local Investment Opportunity Networks
Speaker: James Frazier, Lion Investing

April: Success Business Financing via Small Investors
Speaker: Ari Derfel, Slow Money and Gather Restaurant

May: Cooperative Grassroots Investing
Speaker:  Robin Seydel, Membership and Community Development Coordinator, La Montañita Co-op in Albuquerque, NM (La Montañita Fund)

July: Food Deserts and Access to Healthy Food: TRF's Community Reinvestment and Neighborhood Revitalization
Speaker: Don Hinkle-Brown, The Reinvestment Fund in Philadelphia, PA

August: Flexible Capital for Sustainable Businesses
Speaker: Janice St. Onge, Deputy Director of the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund and President of the VSJF Flexible Capital Fund, L3C

September: Local Investment Clubs: A Replicable Example from Slow Money Maine
Speakers: Eleanor Kinney and Christopher Hallweaver, founders of the No Small Potatoes Investment Club, an initiative of Slow Money Maine

October: The "Soup" Model: Supporting Small Businesses through Local Crowdfunding and Community Engagement
Speaker: Jon Koller, President of Friends of Spaulding Court, Founder of Soup at Spaulding

November: Using Targeted CDs to Finance Local Business: An Example from Equal Exchange
Speaker: Daniel Fireside, Capital Coordinator, Equal Exchange

December: Move Your Money, Then Make it Work for Your Community: Partnering with Local Banks and Credit Unions
Speaker: Leslie Ackerman, Director of Business CENTS, Alternatives Federal Credit Union; and from One PacificCoast, Dick Fletcher, Chief Lending Officer, and Erin Kilmer-Neel, Program Officer at One PacificCoast Foundation


Special thanks to our 2012 series sponsors, RSF Social FinancePortfolio 21 Investments, Main Street Resources and Solidago Foundation

January: Co-op Power: A Model for Local Investment, New Business Development and Job Creation
Speaker: Lynn Benander of Co-op Power and Northeast Biodiesel

February: Lending Circles
Speaker: Daniel Lau, Program Manager at Mission Assets Fund

March: Community Supported Enterprise: A Model for Accessing Multiple Community Investment Streams
Speaker: Linda Ramsdell of Claires Restaurant and Bar

April: Financing our Foodshed: Models for Group and One-on-One Loans
Speaker: Carol Peppe Hewitt from Slow Money NC

July: Local Stock Offerings Part 1: Community Stores in Saranac Lake & the Quimper Peninsula
Speakers: Melinda Little, President of the Community Store in Saranac Lake, and Marty Gay, Chief Financial Officer of the Quimper Mercantile Company

August: Local Stock Offerings Part 2: Worker Ownership and Direct Public Offerings
Speaker: Chris Michael of Workers Development and Workers Diner

September: Community Partnership Lending
Speaker: Leslie Ackerman of Alternatives Federal Credit Union

October: What's Next for Local Crowdfunding
Speakers: Jenny Kassan of Cutting Edge Capital, and Frank Knapp of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber and the American Sustainable Business Council

November: Timebanking as Community Capital: Creating Prosperity & Community Services Without Currency (purchase now!)
Speaker: Stephanie Rearick of the Dane County TimeBank

December: Invest Local Ohio: A Revolving Loan Fund Supporting Local Businesses Through Unaccredited Investors (purchase now!)
Speaker: Steve Fireman of the Economic and Community Development Institute


Special thanks to our 2013 series sponsors, RSF Social FinancePortfolio 21 Investments, Main Street Resources and Solidago Foundation

January: Entrepreneur Showcases: Pitching Business Plans to Drive Local Investment (purchase now!)
Speakers: Jill Epner and Marco Vangelisti from Slow Money Northern California

February: The Farmer Reserve Fund Model: Business Microloans that Leverage Credit Union & Community Partner Capacity (purchase now!)
Speaker: Tim Crosby of Slow Money Northwest