Community Capital Toolkit

Toolkit: Community Capital

Business owners and social entrepreneurs struggle to access the funds they need to launch or expand their businesses. At the same time, most of our financial investments go to unfamiliar, opaque investments in far away places and have impacts from which we are disconnected.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

BALLE has created the Community Capital Toolkit, a collection of resources aimed at re-directing local financial resources to local businesses and organizations that are serving the communities in which they are located. 

Included in the toolkit is:

  1. The Guide to Community Capital: a 20 page introduction to the ideas and language of community capital, filled with on-the-ground examples from local communities across North America
  2. Seven FREE webinar recordings that highlight innovative examples of community capital in action
  3. Access to the Community Capital Library, a comprehensive list of related articles, recommended reading and the leading organizations in community capital today

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