Christine Ageton

Vice President of Experiential Learning and Funder Education

Boulder, CO

Vice President of Experiential Learning and Funder Education

Provides oversight and strategic direction for all BALLE leadership and convening programs, including Fellows and funders, while also guiding overall organizational strategy. Joining BALLE in 2010, she helped the vision and the bones for BALLE’s programs and played a major role in building the teams that deliver BALLE’s Local Economy Fellowship, Foundation, and Investor’s Circle.

Christine has over twenty years’ experience in nonprofit leadership, leadership program curriculum design and delivery, and facilitation. Prior to BALLE, Christine headed international development programs for the United Nations Environment Program in Panama, led the Clinton Foundation’s poverty reduction programs in Peru, and led leadership programs for Conservation International in India and Canada. She also served as Assistant Director for Kinship Conservation Fellows.

Christine’s passion lies in designing and hosting transformative experiences for groups, and she has deep experience in leadership development, group theory, and systems change theories. She is a “Master of Metaframe,” expert at reminding us of the big visionary questions and themes that drive our strategy and mission. At the same time, she is a skilled program designer and facilitator, able to dive into the details, truly attending to all levels, all the time. Along those lines, she’s deeply knowledgeable about new economy work; and she leads the Local Economy Foundation and Investor Circles, she’s particularly interested in how to develop community capital to support equity-centered local business ecosystems.

When you meet Christine, you may think you know what you’re getting, but she is a constant, delightful surprise. Our team has come to love her for her silly sense of humor, her incredible creativity, her love for animals and for the land, her loyalty to her friends, to the BALLE Network, to her work, and for her courageous commitment to self-reflection and particularly to digging into the challenging conversations needed to foster lasting change.