“We have to consciously study how to be tender with each other until it becomes a habit.”
~ Audre Lorde

As business and community leaders navigating the world today, we know we can do better. We can do better in our neighborhoods and our schools, our government and our environment.

We are standing up, with impatience and urgency, to #ChooseConnection.

We direct the full power of all of our voices and all our businesses to love each other and the communities we share. Join our Connection Circle pilot, and receive monthly “practices” and “parables” to explore with colleagues, neighbors, family and friends.

Why is it important to #ChooseConnection?

Our history of oppression and extractive economies are the result of conscious and unconscious habits and behaviors. When we build awareness of these habits, we can begin to transform them — which is required in order to build an economy that works for all of us. Recent science and old traditions, show that, although we have the capacity for separation and hate, love and connection are the path to our deepest well-being. Most importantly, with practice, our ability to connect can be cultivated.

We are not waiting to be transformed inside before we act to change institutions “out there.” We agree with Donella Meadows: the highest lever for systems change is the “mindset out of which the system arises.” We create what we believe about equity, justice, care and cooperation — building systems that support those beliefs, and then institutions, policies and procedures that support those systems.

A growing global movement of people is reorienting the economy toward collective well-being. Science shows that our well-being requires a shift from “me to we” thinking — from ”every-man-for-himself” to understanding that real security comes from community, from sharing not hoarding, from partnership not domination. It is essential to cultivate this shift inside ourselves, as entrepreneurs creating a new economy.

2015 Oakland Pilot

Dozens of Oakland’s leading local business owners, non-profit leaders and government officials piloted the first Connection Circle. The content was informed by:

Participants spent five months working together to explore and develop a deeper sense of humanity, and bring that into their businesses. Watch the video to learn more, and take action by hosting a circle in your community.

Ready to join us? Start a Connection Circle.