Chantier L’Economie

Montreal, QC

Accelerate Collaboration, Act Local First, Cultivate Connection  |  Advocacy, Business Network / Alliance

The Chantier de l’économie sociale is committed to building a plural economy that aims to produce returns for the community and protect the common good, in function of communities’ needs and aspirations. Social economy enterprises are collectively controlled, and contribute to ensuring the ongoing economic, social and cultural vitality of communities.

The mission of the Chantier de l’économie sociale is to promote the social economy as an integral part of Québec’s plural economy, and in so doing, contribute to the democratization of the economy and the emergence of a development model based on the values of solidarity, equity, and transparency.

– Enable the collaboration of social economy stakeholders and partners at the regional and Québec-wide levels
– Promote the social economy as a vector of social and economic change
– Create conditions and tools that facilitate the consolidation, experimentation, and development of new niches and projects
– Participate in the construction of alliances with other socio-economic stakeholders and community action groups that support this development model, including at the international level

The main contributions of the Chantier de l’économie sociale in upcoming years will be in the following areas:
– Make the social economy’s vision and its contribution to the development of a more democratic, sustainable, and cooperative economy known to partners and to the general public;
– Bring together the main stakeholders of the social economy movement in Québec in order to create conditions and public policies favourable to collective entrepreneurship and, more broadly, to a more democratic, sustainable, and solidarity-based economy
– Enable networking and the sharing of best practices and other discussions among the movement’s various components through the creation and sharing of new knowledge, analysis, and perspectives to support development in the field
– Enable the creation of development tools with a structuring effect (financial, marketing, research, knowledge transfer)
– Facilitate learning, discussions, and networking at the international level through the involvement of members and partners